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Print on Demand Fulfillment Service

To Sell Online

Start your online t-shirt selling website using different styles of Printroute Products.

Scale Profitably without Inventory, Printing and Logistics hassles using Printroute's Custom Printing and Fulfillment methods.

Print On Demand

What is Print on Demand?

Print on demand (POD) is a digital printing and dropshipping process which means the printing on t-shirts after an order is received from your end
In this method there is no need to keep inventory or store t-shirts at yourend, we will take care of product picking, printing, packing and shipping.
You can pick different styles of Print on Demand products from Printroute product catalog and list them on your online portal to sell without havingto produce them in advance, allowing for more variety and customization.

The White Label Order Fulfillment Process or
Drop-Shipping Service

Look here how White Label Print on Demand (POD) T-shirt method works. Sell T-shirts, we print & ship your orders on Demand.

STEP - 1

Customers place an order on your website where you have selected and listed a wide range of products from our catalog and they pay your retail price (Say Ex. Rs.500) .

Print On Demand

STEP - 2

The order will be forwarded to Printroute (you have integrated printroute.in as your POD supplier) and pay merchant price (Say Ex. Rs.300).

Print On Demand

STEP - 3

We will print your design and brand label on the t-shirt as per your order details.

Print On Demand

STEP - 4

We will ship your own brand name printed tshirt order directly to your customer and you will get profit without any hustle . (Ex. Rs.200 is your profit)

Print On Demand

Benefits of Print on Demand Dropshipping

The Best Print on Demand & Dropshipping company for T-shirts & Apparels.

NO Overheads & Inventory Investment


Custom Branding

16+ Colour

Super Fast Fulfillment

Lowest Pricing

E-commerce Integration

Best Shipping Rates

Merchant Support

Certified Inks

Softer Prints

No Sign-up Fee